North Carolina 1st Annual Portfolio Building Event - truelightphoto

North Carolina 1st Annual Portfolio Building Event

NOTE: Contains photos uploaded by other photogs - I'm hosting the files but don't own the copyright except for those listed as Truelightphotography. By uploading you consent to my hosting the files for you, they are downloadable for the models in the resolution that you upload them - it's up to you to watermark them.

How this works:

Click on the Gallery with the Model that you worked with, in the caption of the 1st photo there is a link that will let you upload into that gallery.

Each image is individually downloadable if you are viewing it via a icon in the bottom right,

I can also send a link to download them all as a zip to the models once they we feel like we have them all in the set.

If you have any issues or we are missing anyone don't hesitate to contact me.


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